Unlockables Uplay for Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs: Earn Uplay Points and Unlockable Rewards [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Like all Ubisoft titles, Watch Dogs also offers Uplay points to unlock and use to get different rewards.

Unlockables Uplay for Watch Dogs

First of all, if you don't already have it, create a Uplay account on the official website. Then connect your account to Watch Dogs from the game menu, then start playing. The actions that allow you to earn Uplay points in the game are as follows:

- Welcome - Neutralize Maurice (10 points)
- Family Man - Complete Act 1 (20 points)
- Fatal concentration - Using concentration, kill 4 enemies (30 points)
- Revenge - Complete Act 4 (30 points)

Here are the rewards unlockable in Watch Dogs with your Uplay points:

Avatar di Aiden Pearce Uplay.com Visit Uplay.com to change your avatar to Aiden Pearce's exclusive one.   Increase in online contract earnings Increase the earnings of all online contracts to gain an advantage over enemies. (follow our guide to earning money for more details)   Golden D50 (pistol) To give new meaning to the expression "incredibly deadly", this 50-karat D14 will blow everyone away.   Poppy Stealth Edition (auto) Don't get caught and outrun the police with the stealth edition Poppy. The ctOS will never expect it.
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