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    Twisted Metal - Guide to vehicles, weapons and skills unlockable [PS3]

    Twisted Metal for Playstation 3 returns to our consoles with a large series of unlockable items. Between bonus vehicles and extra weapons keep playing and winning and it will not only be a source of glory.

    So here are the vehicles and other items to unlock and what you need to do to get them.

    Unlockable vehicles

    Crimson Fury Vinci Dollface Evento #1
    Darkside Vinci Mr. Grimm Evento #6
    Juggernaut Vinci Dollface Evento #3
    Meat Wagon Vinci Mr. Grimm Evento #1
    Reaper Vinci Sweet Tooth Evento #2
    Roadkill Vinci Sweet Tooth Evento #5
    Shadow Vinci Dollface Evento #4
    Heel Vinci Sweet Tooth Evento #6
    Vermin Vinci Mr. Grimm Evento #2
    Warthog Complete Story Mode on Twisted difficulty with all gold medals

    Unlockable weapons

    Laser Vinci Dollface Evento #5
    Laser gun Complete Story Mode on Twisted difficulty
    Magnum Revolver Vinci Sweet Tooth Evento #4
    Rockets Vinci Dollface Evento #2
    SMG Vinci Sweet Tooth Evento #1
    Twelve Gauge Shotgun Vinci Mr. Grimm Evento #4

    Unlockable livery packs

    Suicide bomber Complete in Story Mode on Normal difficulty
    Stars and Stripes Complete in Story Mode on Hard difficulty

    Unlockable skills

    Absorption Shield Win Mr. Grimm Event # 3 (Right + Triangle to use skill)
    Retro Frost Win Sweet Tooth Event # 3 (Up + Triangle to use skill)
    Super Mina Win Mr. Grimm Event # 5 (Down + Triangle to use skill)

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