Unlock all Free Weapons in GTA 5

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GTA 5: Guide to Get ALL Weapons FREE [360-PS3]


In this new guide dedicated to Grand Theft Auto V let's see what the better weapons than GTA 5, where they are and i tricks to unlock all weapons without spending a single dollar.

Unlock all Free Weapons in GTA 5

From the beginning of the game you can use a trick to have all the weapons available in ammu-nation stores without spending money. To do this you simply have to visit any gun shop while carrying out a mission. Buy everything there, including upgrades, grenades and all the cucuzzaro, then exit the shop and commit suicide using one of the grenades you just bought.

Being in the middle of an active mission, suicide will cause the mission to fail, so the game will bring you back to the beginning of the mission, putting the money you spent in the shop back into your account. The great thing is that if you go and check the store you will see that all purchases made will still be registered. In this way you have therefore kept your weapons, but also your money !!!

Of course, you can repeat the process whenever new items become available in the shop. Here is a video showing this process

Infinite ammo for weapons

By continuing to read this guide you will discover where you can find the most powerful weapons in the game, weapons that you can take for free at any time. To also have the unlimited ammo, remember that after collecting the weapon, this reappears every time you save and then reload the save, or when you change characters. This way you can keep getting the weapons that reappear every time, bringing the ammo to maximum.

Where to find the rocket launcher (RPG)

In the video below you can see where you can take the rocket launcher at any time. In the airport area Los Santos International Airport, southwest of the map, you will have to climb to the top of one of the pillars of the bridge (where there is the red light) using the huge support cables of the bridge to get to the top. Watch the video to see exactly where it is and how to get on the bridge.

Where to find the Grenade Launcher

Also for this powerful weapon it is hidden in a secret location where it is possible to take it without spending a cent. The weapon is located at the wind farm (Ron Alternates Wind Farm) on the far right of the map. Here you will find a large flooded cave, swim more or less to the center and then dive to find the grenade launcher on the bottom. Here is a video showing where exactly it is:

Where to find the Minigun

To get the Minigun immediately, you will have to head to the military base Fort Zancudo, on the far left of the map. After going through the gate, go right to find the large control tower. Enter and continue up the stairs until you reach the 6th floor. In one of the rooms you will find the very powerful minigun with 1000 shots. Be careful because the base is off-limits, so you will be immediately attacked. Here is a video showing where the minigun is located.

Where to find the heavy machine gun

This authentic trinket of destruction is found in several locations on thehighway to the North of the map. Watch the video to see where exactly it is.

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