"Unleash the Beast" Objective / Trophy Guide

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How to get 100% ownership in Bound by Flame [PS4-360-PS3-PC]


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"Unleash the Beast" Objective / Trophy Guide

To unlock this achievement you will need to reach 100% possession at the end of the game. To do this you will have to give in to the demon's flattery and indulge the transformation, behaving in the most corrupt way possible. There are key choices throughout the game that will lead you to 100% possession:


- in Act 1 allow the demon to enter your mind, before going to the Cave of Whispers

- at the end of Act 1 you choose to follow the demon's warning

- at the end of Act 2 choose to take the power of the Concubine (choose Edwen)

The achievement will unlock when you enter Geloburjan Castle, before that point you should be at 80% possession.

Also remember that possession also affects the game's endings (read the Bound by Flame endings guide for more help). If you want to keep possession at 0 then you will have to do the opposite of what has just been said.

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