Unglorious: the new Kickstarter campaign is online, it's already a success!

The success of Nightfell, a project born on Kickstarter from the creator Angelo Peluso, it was certainly on the lips of many. The author, together with Michele Paroli, will now participate in the new role-playing game known as Unglorious, thanks to the pledge obtained.

For us it is an honor to use the talent of Freelance Artist Angelo Peluso and one of the minds of Mana Project Studio Michele “Mike” Paroli for The Chronicles of the Crypt. They don't know, but now we're going to force them to write to us and show us half the manual.

Through a Kickstarter campaign started a few hours ago, the new project that bears the name of Unglorious is now online and is already… a resounding success! As you can see from the link we leave you here, the goal set by December 16 was just 7 thousand euros. At the time of writing, the campaign created by talents has almost doubled, recently exceeding 13 euros.

Unglorious is a role-playing game where, as specified in the description, the fun begins immediately after the protagonist passes away.

The Unglorious RPG starts where everyone else ends, that is, with the death of the characters. But not a glorious or heroic death like that of any great adventurer, but a banal and totally devoid of epicity and on which no ballads or poems are written (at most jokes). Whether it was a silly accident, carelessness or too much heat to become a famous hero, death came prematurely knocking on the door of these inexperienced travelers, thus putting an end to their path to glory ... and it is precisely here that the adventure begins! In fact, in Unglorious, you will play a warrior, an adventurer or even a common peasant who, once he has passed away, wakes up in the world of the dead, from which he can embark on new, great feats, re-emerge in the world of the living to complete your Pending Accounts and continue your journey towards eternal glory and thus reach the most exclusive afterlife in the catalog! Unglorious, the third Roleplaying Game from Aces Games (formerly author of Nameless Land and Heavy Sugar) is inspired by worlds such as Medievil, Army of Darkness and Beetlejuice, from which it also incorporates the strong ironic and light-hearted component that dominates the atmosphere that the game wants to convey.

For all those who wish to leave a donation, the link to follow is the following:

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