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    Unfortunately SuperSU was arrested | Fast guide

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    If you are looking for a way to solve "Unfortunately SuperSU was arrested”On Android, then keep reading this tutorial. SuperSU it is very stable and reliable and rarely causes errors. But when it does, it gets annoying. Today we will guide you on how to fix this error, SuperSU has stopped working.

    Today we will tell you how to correct the error "Unfortunately SuperSU has stopped”On Android devices. Not many Android users have reported an error called "SuperSU was arrested”While using the app that manages root permissions. If you have a rooted Android device and you see a similar error and are looking for a guide to fix this problem, you are in the right place; this guide will show you how to fix this problem with ease.

    Android is an open source operating system that allows you to customize your device beyond the manufacturer's limits. If you have rooted your device then you can do a lot of useful things. With root, you can remove the bloatware you find pre-installed on your phone, install a firewall, enable tethering even if your carrier is blocking it, Overclock and underclock, manually back up your system and other useful tweaks to gain access to the system.

    But the application that runs these programs or mods, from time to time might create some problems, and one of them might be that the application SuperSU has stopped working. Then let's see how to solve this annoying error.

    What is SuperSU? Well, SuperSU is a free utility that allows you to keep track of all the apps installed on your device and especially those that need to be rooted. Basically, it gives you total control over your Android device. It's that simple!

    Unfortunately SuperSU was arrested | How to fix

    1. Download the latest SuperSU update file:

    • Download SuperSU v2.82 Flashable Zip | Stable | Download
    • Download SuperSU v2.82 SR5 Flashable Zip | Beta | Download

    2. Copy the zip file to your device and flash using a custom recovery such as CWM / TWRP / PhilZ.

    3. In case you haven't installed a custom recovery on your device, extract the SuperSU zip file and open the extracted folder. Go to the folder named “common” and copy Superuser.apk to your phone. Enable the Unknown sources option in Settings> Security and then install the apk.

    4. Then go to the Play Store and install the SuperSU app.

    Now you can restart your device and you will see that the error "Unfortunately SuperSU has stopped" has been solved. This is the easiest way to fix the problem and it should work fine on any Android device.

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