Undertale celebrates its fifth anniversary with a surprise announcement

Undertale is a franchise that, since the launch of the first chapter in 2015 on PC, has been able to bring to itself several fans and enthusiasts from all over the world. For those unfamiliar with it, this product created by Toby Fox it's a RPG which was initially launched as a Kickstarter project and later became a real cult for the current gaming world. This particular success has thus allowed the production to be released on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and even Nintendo Switch.

Welcome to Undertale, the friendly RPG where no one is forced to die. Get ready to explore meanders inhabited by a thousand dangerous monsters, ask a skeleton for a date, dance with a robot or a slime creature, cook with a fish-woman, pet a dog, whisper a secret to a knight ... Or explode and destroy everyone . Fall into a funny and touching underworld at the same time, where the future is completely in your hands. Will you have the determination to prevail?

In this September 2020, the Undertale series therefore completes its fifth anniversary and, for the occasion, the team of Famitsu anticipated a particular announcement for this month's issue of the magazine in question. In addition to this curious revelation, Toby Fox wants to celebrate the birthday of his biggest success with 16 pages entirely dedicated to this work always on Famitsu, which even includes details illustrated illustrations made by him. Unfortunately currently we have no further information about what it could be, if the sequel to Deltarune chapter 1, the landing place oforiginal on next gen or other. Whatever the outcome, fans are sure to be looking forward to finding out what Toby Fox has been working on all this time. While waiting for this announcement, we remind you that we too have made a review of the product in question a few years ago.

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