Uncharted, the movie: Nolan North expresses his doubts about the interpreter of Sully

During a recent episode of the Retro Replay broadcast, where we can see Nolan North e Troy Baker playing Resident Evil 2, the two discussed the movie Uncharted and the upcoming HBO series of The Last of Us. The voice actor of Nathan Drake in the saga of Uncharted expressed his doubts about the choice of Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan, the beloved mentor of the series. He also said he's been looking forward to the Last of Us series than the movie Uncharted.

I think making a series of The Last of Us is so much better than any other movie you can think of doing. Having the creator of Chernobyl on the script is the "elephant in the room" everyone should be talking about. Honestly, I'm more excited for this show than for the Uncharted movie. I love Mark Wahlberg, but I honestly can't see him as Sully. I just don't find him suitable for the role.

In the past also Mark Wahlberg he had his say on the film:

It's exciting because, without anticipating too much, it's more of an origin story. We meet the characters and we can see Nathan become Nathan. From his meeting with Sully they try not only to outdo each other, but they begin to team up and develop a beautiful relationship. It will be very interesting. It's the first time I've been in a movie that is really a movie. When I first read the script I felt like I was reading Indiana Jones or The Thomas Crown Case. The film has just the elements of this kind of film.

The production of the film was again postponed due to the Coronavirus emergency, postponing the release date from March 5, 2021 to October 8, 2021.

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