Uncharted: the movie, for Tom Holland is "one of the best screenplays I've ever read"

As you well know, the production of "Uncharted: the movie”Has undergone several setbacks in the last period, due to the constant comings and goings of directors. At the moment it would appear that Ruben Fleischer may be the director of the film, although the news has not yet been confirmed by Sony. Despite everything, in the past few hours Tom Holland, who in the film will play the role of Nathan Drake, revealed in a recent interview with IGN that the script for the film is progressing very well. We report below what the young actor said:

I've read the most recent draft of the script, and it's one of the best I've ever read. It is truly amazing. Even if you have played the games, you have not yet seen what will happen in the film. And if you haven't played them, it won't be a problem, you'll love the movie as it's totally new information. I'm super excited to be a part of the movie, even though it's been a long time.

The theatrical debut of "Uncharted: the movie”Is currently scheduled for the next one March 5.


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Uncharted the film is still delayed, the new release date has been revealed ❯
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