Uncharted: the film loses another director, here is the possible replacement

Bad news continues to arrive for the film adaptation of one of the most appreciated and loved video game series. The film on Uncharted, taken from the homonymous videogame edited by N which sees the treasure hunter as the protagonist Nathan Drake, lost the director in charge of the project again.

The film Sony, after passing through many hands including David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, Shawn Levy, Dan Tratchenberg and finally Travis Knight, now seems ready to be welcomed by the seventh director who, in all likelihood, should be Ruben Fleischer (the director of Venom and Welcome to Zombieland).

The reason why Travis Knight would have left is due to the modified production times compared to the original ones. It will now be up to the "newcomer" to direct the adventures of Nathan (played by Tom Holland in the children's version and from Mark Wahlberg in adulthood) with the hope of completing the work begun.

Unfortunately, due to these continuous problems with the film's directors, the film will suffer a significant and new delay that does not allow to know the final release date in theaters.

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