Uncharted the film is still delayed, the new release date has been revealed

There is really no peace for the film Uncharted which, in recent years, has undergone continuous shifts in processing, postponements inherent to the start of filming, and several changes in direction. This time, again, Uncharted the film was delayed, but not by much.

The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has certainly created a huge problem for the world of entertainment and cinema (and not only these of course). In recent times, however, also thanks to the decrease in cases and the increasingly insistent vaccination campaign on a global scale, some countries have begun to reopen the first cinemas and theaters, but not without strict security measures. Even companies like Disney, Warner Bros. and many others have begun to release a few more trailers than recently, trying to entice the public again to spend a couple of hours of lightheartedness for future upcoming products. Sony, however, it had to instead communicate a postponement of the debut of Uncharted, although it is just a week.

The release "initially" planned was for the next February 11 2022, while the new release date will be just a week later, the February 18 2022. Decision taken, presumably, due to some changes to the internal calendar. In the past we know that the reasons behind the delays of the film were quite different: blocking of works due to Covid-19, programming problems, constant changes to the director and others. To date, however, filming for Uncharted is officially over, with the film currently in post-production.

Based on the exclusive video game of the same name Sony PlayStation made by the software house Naughty Dog, the film will deal with the events of the young man Nathan Drake before the events of the original games. Precisely for this reason, the protagonist of the film is the young man Tom Holland (the actor from the latest Spider-Man trilogy). Together with him they will be there Mark Walhberg (Victor “Sully” Sullivan), Antonio Bandersa, Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle.

At the following link we show you some of the images taken directly from the set.

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