Uncharted and Ghost of Tsushima will arrive in streaming

Netflix has reached an agreement with Sony Pictures to bring the studio's films out in 2022 and beyond exclusively on the famous streaming platform, immediately after their release in theaters and home video release. This deal also includes films such as Uncharted, Morbius and sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe, but not the movies The Marvel movies due out in 2021, like Venom: Let There Be Carnage e Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As we have already anticipated, the Sony Pictures films will arrive on the streaming platform after the first payment window, a period of time that is around 18 months and which represents the end of the transmission of cinemas and the release of home entertainment. . Also thanks to the same agreement, the famous company will be very connected to Netflix, and this will guarantee users a large number of new contents within its already vast catalog.

In fact, Netflix will also have access to a large library of Sony Pictures titles, including films from famous subsidiaries such as Columbia Pictures. Furthermore, in addition to the numerous innovations, Netflix has announced that it will finance a number of Sony Pictures films in the future, further enriching the already vast catalog of the platform, which seems destined to expand more and more and reach more segments of the public. Here is the statement released by Keith Le Goy, the president of Sony's worldwide distribution regarding the deal with Netflix:

At Sony Pictures, we produce some of the biggest hits and the most creative and original movies in the industry. This exciting deal further demonstrates the importance of this content to our distribution partners as they grow their audience and deliver the best in entertainment.

Not only Sony Pictures has publicly commented on the result of this fruitful agreement, e Scott Stuber, head of Netflix's film division, added:

This not only allows us to bring their impressive list of beloved movie franchises and new IPs to Netflix in the US, but also establishes a new source of first run movies for Netflix movie lovers around the world.

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