Uncharted 4: Wheel of Light puzzle solution [Chap. 12, puzzle]

Uncharted 4: Wheel of Light puzzle solution [Chap. 12, puzzle]


In this guide we see how to solve the riddle of the room of the wheel of light (libertalia). Do not forget to also consult the complete guide of Uncharted 4 the End of a Thief which collects many other useful guides on this game.

Avoiding any unnecessary spoilers, let's say that at some point in the Chapter 12 of the game, inside the large room with a wheel in the center very similar to an old rudder you will have to solve a puzzle by aligning the symbols on the wall with the correct rays of light. Here is the solution:

As you can see on the wall there are 3 large rings with different symbols, you have to use the wheel in the center of the room to align the symbols correctly.

Do exactly as shown in the video and you too will solve this puzzle. If you have difficulty with the other puzzles of the game, consult the guide / solution to ALL the puzzles of Uncharted 4 now.

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