Uncharted 4: Founders' Wheel Puzzle Solution [Chap. 11, puzzle]

Uncharted 4: Founders' Wheel Puzzle Solution [Chap. 11, puzzle]


In this guide we see how to solve the conundrum of the founders' wheel in the room with the paintings. Do not forget to also consult the complete guide of Uncharted 4 the End of a Thief which collects many other useful guides on this game.

Avoiding any unnecessary spoilers, let's say that at some point in the Chapter 11 of the game, inside the room with the founders' wheel in the center, you will have to solve a puzzle by finding particular symbols on the pictures and then moving the symbols according to the indications in the diary. Here is the solution:

There are several rooms with different sets of paintings and symbols. Whenever you observe a complete set of symbols on the paintings, you will then have to rotate the figures, as described below:

cousin set
Symbols of Baldridge, Bonny and Condent
Watch the video at 2:45

Second set
Symbols of Want, Farrell and Mayes
Watch the video at 6:00

Third set
Libra, snake, monkey and tiger symbols
Watch the video at 8:50

If you have difficulty, watch the video again, do exactly as shown and you too will solve this puzzle.

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