Uncharted 4: complete list of Cheats, how to activate them [PS4]

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Uncharted 4: complete list of Cheats, how to activate them [PS4]


In this guide we see what they are and how all the cheats of Uncharted 4 are activated. For all the other guides on this game do not forget to also consult the complete guide of Uncharted 4 the end of a thief.

In Uncharted 4 there are several tricks, which would be more appropriate to define "game modifiers", which can be activated at will by adding some particular effects on gameplay and graphics.

These tricks, of course, aren't available right away, but must be unlocked with the appropriate points.

At the beginning of the game you will not have any points, but you will accumulate them by continuing to play the campaign. Only after completing the game once, you can use the points earned to unlock the various tricks and use them by playing on "Chrushing" difficulty.

Here are the tricks you can unlock in Uncharted 4 the end of a thief:

  • Mirror World - everything is reflected.
  • Mirror On Death - everything is reflected after you die.
  • Slow motion - slows down the character's movements.
  • Bullet Speed ​​Mode - activates Bullet Time making kills easier.
  • No Gravity - change the laws of gravity.
  • 8-Bit Audio - retro music filter.
  • 4-Bit Audio - retro music filter.
  • Helium Audio - helium voices (audio filter).
  • Xenon Audio - audio filter.
  • Infinite Ammo - infinite ammo.
  • Cel Shaded - graphic filter.
  • ASCII Mosaic - graphic filter.
  • Negative Land - graphic filter.
  • Chalk Dust - graphic filter.
  • Tri-Color - graphic filter.
  • Rainbow Fun Land - graphic filter.
  • Classy - graphic filter.
  • Blorange - graphic filter.
  • Vibrant - graphic filter.
  • Vintage - graphic filter.
  • Warm - graphic filter.
  • Black & White - graphic filter.
  • Select Weapon - allows you to select any weapon.

According to reports from several users, the use of cheats does not block the Trophies. Good fun!

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