Uncharted 4: Bucket Puzzle Solution [Chap. 9, puzzle]

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Uncharted 4: Bucket Puzzle Solution [Chap. 9, puzzle]


In this guide we see how to solve the bucket puzzle in Uncharted 4 a Thief's End. Do not forget to also consult the complete guide of Uncharted 4 the End of a Thief which collects many other useful guides on this game.

Avoiding any unnecessary spoilers, let's say that at some point in the Chapter 9 of the game, inside the Crypt in Scotland a puzzle found in the room with two large wheels and a bucket. Here is the solution:

Interacting with the large wheels you will have to move the crucifixes to bring them into position as shown in Drake's notes (the bucket must reach the top and the crosses must be in the illuminated areas). Keep in mind that if you can solve this puzzle in just 10 moves as shown in the video You will also unlock the "Test Passed - Pass the first test in Scotland in just 10 moves" trophy.

Do exactly as shown in the video and you too will solve this puzzle. If you have difficulty with the other puzzles of the game, consult the guide / solution to ALL the puzzles of Uncharted 4 now.

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