Ultrahuman: the interactive platform for fitness unveiled at CES 2021

The 2021 edition of the CES, the most important technology fair in the world, also reserved many surprises this year and there were many hi-tech innovations presented by the various companies during the various panels, strictly held digitally due to the health emergency from COVID-19 . Among these there is also Ultrahuman, a Los Angeles start-up that has decided to present and launch an interactive app that aims to help individuals meditate, train efficiently and optimize sleep with the help of athletes, neuroscientists, artists and psychologists.

As announced by the company itself, the strength of this wellness platform it will be the possibility of being able to count on a large number of information and support sources deriving from the experience of professionals in the sector, who will provide advice and training plans optimized according to the preferences and needs of users. Among the various coaches hired by Ultrahuman we also find the crossfit champion Kara Saunders, the model and trainer Amanda Cerny and the CEO of MindSize Christian Straka. The dedicated application will be available for all devices Android e iOS. On the latter Ultrahuman will integrate the support biofeedback through integration with Apple Watch, in order to measure and improve the effectiveness of meditation and workouts.

Based on the progress made, the calories burned and the meditation sessions completed, the training and meditation program will be continuously improved and enriched with new workouts and dedicated music. The contents of the Ultrahuman program are divided into:

  • Workouts: are fitness programs designed for both basic and advanced users. They consist of a mix of yoga exercises and programs which, through the combination of mind, body and recovery, allow users to maximize results;
  • Meditation;

Definitely an interesting program that, based on what has been promised, could really bring a breath of fresh air in a sector already very rich in apps and programs customized to the needs of users.

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