Ubisoft: The CEO of the company talks about the titles currently in development

Over the last few hours Ubisoft held a meeting with shareholders e Yves Guillemot, CEO of the famous French video game developer and publisher, took the opportunity to talk about the future of the company and the titles currently in development. In particular Guillemot talked about the development of Rainbow Six Quarantine and Gods & Monsters, whose releases were initially scheduled for the period of time from January to March 2021, but that in case of need they could be postponed until fiscal year 2022. Despite everything Guillemot was extremely satisfied with the current situation of the company, declaring that the development of both titles proceeds at full speed. At the moment there is still not much information on the two titles of Ubisoft, which could arrive in the course of next Ubisoft Forward, expected for September 2020.

For Rainbow Six Quarantine, announced with a teaser trailer during the E3 2019 presentation of Ubisoft, at the moment we only know that the next chapter of the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six franchise will be a 3-player cooperative tactical FPS, inspired by the Outbreak mode. In this new chapter, players will face a mysterious threat that severely infects human hosts and the environment they live in. About Gods & Monsters, the new fantasy IP of Ubisoft, we know that the game has recently undergone a large number of changes, including tone, character design, art style and even the title. The release of both titles has already been postponed several times, but a further delay may be needed to further enhance the gaming experience on next-generation consoles. We just have to wait for further information, which will almost certainly arrive atUbisoft Forward of September.

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