Ubisoft: Several senior executives have resigned

For about a month and a half, Ubisoft is under the eye of the storm due to several allegations of assault and sexual harassment by some executives of the company itself. In all this time, there have been many people who have voluntarily resigned such as Ashraf Ismail, the creative director behind the new Assassin's Creed: Valhalla who left his job on June 24th. Today, Ubisoft announced the release of various senior officials who will no longer have anything to do with the French company.

Among these we find Serge Hascoët, the company's number two (replaced ad interim by Ives Guillemot); the director of human resources Stone Chin and the marketing manager Andrien Gbinigie, all accused of having had predatory behavior towards some workers. Ubisoft, as stated in the investigation, was unable to guarantee its employees a healthy and safe working environment, discriminating and feeding “toxic” behavior among the various executives. This situation, of course, is in stark contrast to the ideals and values ​​of Guillemot's own company which has recently declared that it has begun to take severe measures and numerous internal changes within the company to ensure that none of this can happen again.

All that remains is to wait and find out how and when this story will end, hoping that justice will do its duty. In the meantime, we remind you of tonight's appointment at 21:00 pm live to follow the event Ubisoft Forward.

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Ubisoft: two directors on indictment of alleged sexual abuse ❯
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