Ubisoft on Xbox Game Pass: what could come in 2021?

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Many branded video games Ubisoft will land in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass in the current year? It would seem so according to the known insider Shpeshal Ed, already in the limelight for having announced the hypothetical arrival of Watch Dogs Legion on Xbox Game Pass and Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PlayStation Plus. Ubisoft could join the Microsoft service in a similar way to what happened with EA Play Games, even if it remains reasonably vain to wait for the introduction of the entire production of the French software house in the pass. However, many titles could certainly be included and appear in the catalog by the end of 2021.

In a conversation that took place on Discord, Shpeshal Ed explained that the news of the possible ferry of many Ubisoft games on Xbox Game Pass, thanks to a collaboration between the two companies, it was leaked from one of his own anonymous sources internal to Microsoft. According to the insider, one of the titles in the catalog will be Immortals Fenyx Rising, the adventure steeped in mythology which to many seemed mixed in the same cauldron as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, recalling the open world developed by Nintendo EPD in different moments of the gameplay. In the conversation that took place on Discord, Shpeshal Ed also commented on the possibility that there is a price increase of Xbox Game Pass, declaring itself unfavorable to believe it. According to the insider, the probability that the videogame giant decides to experiment with different levels of separate subscription would be higher, before introducing a general increase in costs (for example, setting EA Plus to $ 5 and asking for another 5 for Ubisoft Plus).

All this information is to be taken with the due caution, being rumor which have not received any official confirmation. Meanwhile, the holders of the subscription on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / S and xCloud mobile will be delighted with the arrival of 20 branded video games Bethesda in these days.

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