Ubisoft looking for new teams, Prince of Persia on the way?

Ubisoft recently held a meeting, during which he presented to his shareholders the results obtained in this last period marked by the health emergency caused by the coronavirus. During a Q&A an analyst asked Yves Guillemot, CEO of the French giant, if there was a chance to future acquisitions or mergers, given the difficult economic time that many companies are experiencing. Here is the response from the Ubisoft CEO:

We are studying the market carefully these days and if there are opportunities, we will take them. At the same time, we also have to tackle these new challenges, so it will take a little longer, but we will try to look into each opportunity carefully.

Furthermore, according to the data communicated during the meeting, the well-known French company would not only have the possibility to access long-term loans of up to one billion euros($ 1,08 billion), plus a revolving line of credit of € 300 million if needed, but he claimed that the current health emergency has had a "minimal" impact on the development program, such as the delay of some titles and the transition to smart working.

Therefore, the words of the CEO of Ubisoft would seem to further confirm the recent rumors, which would see the French giant working on a title AAA about which we have no information yet. That it may be a new chapter, or reboot, of the saga of Prince of Persia, given that in recent weeks the company has renewed the domains of the websites?

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