"Uber Hero" Objective / Trophy Guide

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How to hard complete UBER Wolfenstein The New Order [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Do you really want to complete this game on maximum difficulty? Here are your two alternatives.

"Uber Hero" Objective / Trophy Guide

Do it with honor ...
If you feel like real UBER Heroes then I recommend you start playing directly at UBER difficulty, when you finish the campaign you will unlock all the results related to the completion of the game at the various difficulties in a single shot.

Here are some practical tips for dealing with this difficulty:

- Use covers, always, and keep your distance. Enemies' aiming progressively worsens based on the distance between you and them
- Stealth is better. Use this approach whenever you can, it will result in far fewer enemies to face.
- Don't attack with your head down. The game doesn't have infinite enemy respwn, so there's no need to dive to the next checkpoint. Much better to take them down one after the other, calmly and possibly from a distance.
- Sometimes it's better to escape. On some occasions, you can get out of a big mess in seconds by simply running to the next door / checkpoint / cutscene.

if you have difficulty take a look also at the VIDEO SOLUTION played on UBER difficulty to understand how to overcome the most challenging passages.

... or do it with cunning
If, on the other hand, you are only interested in unlocking the trophy and you just don't think about tackling the campaign at such a challenging level of difficulty, there is good news for you, indeed, to be precise, there is an exploit for you. Complete the campaign on the difficulty you like best (even the lowest), then replay the last chapter on Uber difficulty and you will unlock the results as if you had played the entire campaign on maximum difficulty.

Be careful though, this exploit will not work if you have installed the patches already released for the game which, among other things, have also corrected this problem (if you have already installed them on the net you can easily find instructions to remove game updates) .

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