Twitch: the "Purple Screen of Death" also invades video games

From the end of January the streaming platform Twitch is under the eye of the storm because of the "Purple Screen of Death”Present in streams from third party sites. This notice, which cannot be skipped and lasts 30 seconds, appears in all the live shows of the site which are linked to external sites. For example an event of Esports broadcast on the purple platform but watched through a videogame information site, which has implemented live coverage of the event in its pages, will have this notice. The intent of the Purple Screen of Death is literally to invite players to open Twitch and continue viewing the content through the site, without using any intermediaries.

Now it would appear that this questionable Twitch-created gimmick has also invaded video games, specifically PUBG. As reported by a user: in the game lobby, where there is a virtual mega screen used to broadcast various live events dedicated to the Battle Royale, you can see the infamous Purple Screen of Death which, with its rather insistent invitation, disturbs the game environment, as well as arousing laughter among the players. In the midst of several complaints from users, u toon employee of the purple company expressed his concerns, judging Twitch's move "resentful".

In protest, many ESports events have moved to Steam, where there are no annoying messages. The company responded to the complaints by stating that the Purple Screen of Death is simply "a test”And will be removed soon. However this story leaves doubts on several fronts. As much as Twitch's move is questionable, it must also be said that a company has the right to impose restrictions of any kind to its contents if these bring earnings, even if indirectly, to other sites that incorporate the aforementioned contents in their pages. While waiting to find out how Twitch will move about it, we ask you to leave a comment with your opinion on it.

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