Twin Mirror: shown the launch trailer of the new psychological thriller

On channel Youtube official of Dontnod Entertainment, the studio that developed the Twin Mirror, the launch trailer for the new psychological thriller published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Twin Mirror is a third-person graphic adventure in which players take on the role of the protagonist Sat who, tried by the end of a relationship, returns to his hometown in West Virginia, Basswood, to take part in the funeral of his best friend, but he finds himself involved in something very mysterious.

An investigation begins in which environments and objects are fully interactive and from which it is possible to unlock different endings. Players will be able to navigate both in the real world and in the Palace of the Mind of the protagonist Sam (complex technique of memorizing and mental reordering of ideas also used in some film adaptations of Sherlock Holmes novels). There US inner voice, residing right in the Palazzo della Mente, will help or hinder him in the investigation he began to seek the truth about a disturbing event, which saw him wake up in his hotel room with a bloodstained shirt and no memory of the previous night. It is this voice that we hear during the trailer, transformed into a sequence of very cinematic images that also become disturbing. We appreciate the graphic potential of the game, which is therefore rich in components puzzle and psychological certainly helped by a large presence of dialogues.

The title was announced at the Paris Games Week with a first trailer already over two years ago and, in 2018, it was indeed the winner of the award Gamescom like best original game. We can therefore expect a lot from a graphic adventure born as a French idea in 2016 and full of four years of development on multiple platforms. Twin Mirror is available right from today on PlayStation 4PlayStation 5Microsoft Xbox Series X / S ed Xbox One.

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