Turrican: shown the trailer of the remake for Nintendo Switch

For the Opening Night of Gamescom 2020 The trailer for the remake of Turrican, outgoing for Nintendo Switch. 5 factor, the creator team of the original game, partnered with Strictly Limited Games for the creation of this title. Published by Rainbow Arts in 1990, we're talking about a sci-fi shooter that was originally released for Commodore 64. Later it was also released for Amiga, Atari STCDTV,Amstrad CPCZ, Game BoyMega Drive e TurboGrafX-16. To date, the remake has only been announced for Switch, but we do not rule out that it may soon be released for other consoles as well.

In the original title, players had to control this warrior and survive while exploring five great environments. It was possible to collect various objects and weapons, first of all the rifle that allowed the player to fire bullets. The game was - of course - all 2 dimensions, and the only movements allowed were horizontal running, jumping and lowering. Hopefully this new version of Turrican will be as close as possible to the original, in order to give the possibility to "old "players to be catapulted back in time and new players of live experiences which unfortunately have not lived.

We refer you to our pages for all updates regarding this, and other titles that will be presented during the event.

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