TrumpBook: a social network dedicated to the former president appears on the net

As many will know, the now former president of the United States it was blocked on almost all the social media in which it was present and, following this, a site created ad hoc to remedy this situation was created: TrumpBook. This new site, available to all for registration, seems to have been created specifically to give freedom to express oneself in support of Donald Trump, without perhaps having to fear judgments on the matter, provided that what is written is probably pro-Trump.

On January 6 of this 2021 there were riots caused by a group supporting Donald Trump who raided the Capitol Hill, resulting in the death of a woman and several injuries. For this reason, trying to avoid further incitement to violence, as has already happened in the past, the largest social media and streaming sites have decided to suspend Trump's accounts on their platforms. Finding himself unable to communicate with his supporters, a new space was created for his community, called: TrumpBook. Here is the translation of the presentation of this new social site:

TrumpBook USA was created to allow pro-Trump followers to speak freely about the American issues facing our 45th president, Donald J. Trump.
This site is not licensed, paid for or by any candidate, candidate committee, political affiliation or lobby group. It is strictly managed by independent American citizens.

Basil Fitzpatrick, owner of the independent record company called Artemis Records, is the one who bought the TrumpBook domain, probably also a Donald Trump supporter. Basil has already in the past shown his support and support for Trump's causes, even composing a song dedicated to him entitled "Take this Mask and Shove it" which can be translated into "Take this mask and throw it away", a parody of the most famous " Take this job and Shove it ”by Johnny Paycheck.

The now former president Donald Trump, who will have to officially abandon the White House on January 20 of this year, he has not yet expressed himself about this new social network dedicated to him, nor do we know if he is already registered. Maybe in the next few days we will have some answers to these questions.

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