Troy Baker: 'The Last of Us series? Better and better the game '

During a recent interview with, the voice actor of Joel Troy Baker, expressed himself on the production of the TV series dedicated to The Last of Us. According to Baker the series, which will be produced by HBO, will never reach the sense of immersion that a videogame experience can offer, however happy I am that the story with protagonists Joel ed Ellie it will have the space it deserves thanks to its episodic nature. Here are his words:

I think it will not be easy to reduce sixteen hours of history. However, since this is a TV series, it is reasonable to think that it will go on for three or four seasons, in order to adequately dilute the story. In the end, however, the game will always be better, for example when you pass autumn and you believe that Joel is dead, at some point you see this bunny in the middle of the white snow and the arrow ... then you notice that it was Ellie, standing there and you can move it using the analog of the controller, it is something unique and this feeling exists only in video games.

The Last of Us Part II will be released in stores on June 19 2020 and, similarly to Red Dead Redemption 2, will be divided into 2 Blu-Ray. Furthermore, the new work of N it will take approx 100 Gb for installation, plus any future updates in progress.

Do you believe that the TV series dedicated to The Last of Us can equal the work from which it is taken? Tell us yours via the comments! yyyy 

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