TROY: A Total War Saga, released the gameplay reveal

In the past few hours, the gameplay reveal of TROY, the last title of Total War Saga inspired by Homer's Iliad. The last work of Creative Assembly, which focuses on the Trojan War and develops the series with new features inspired by that historical period, will be a big surprise free in the first 24 hours following its launch, which will be exactly the next. 13th August, as we announce in our article.

Inside the movie released in the past few hours it is possible to see some short sequences of gameplay, as well as interesting cinematics that show the game world in its real guise. TROY: A Total War Saga will be redeemable exclusively for free Epic Games Store thanks to a collaboration with the latter and will bring players in the shoes of famous legendary heroes of the Greek mythology. Below, the statements of Tim heaton, the Chief Studios Officer to the publisher of the title SEGA.

Thanks to Epic we are in a position to offer a Total War title for free directly on the release date. We are really excited to be able to do this for our players. It doesn't just mean being able to bring the story and legend of Troy to a wider audience thanks to Epic's huge platform, it also means that many new players will be able to experience Total War for the first time and the unique gameplay that made this one famous. series.

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