Tropico 6 - Review of the management software created by Limbic Entertainment

How many of you have wished to become ruler of a nation independent? If at least once in your life you have thought about it, Tropico 6 it could be the title for you because it aims to satisfy this desire. El Presidente is back in a new chapter of the saga of management of city-building more counter-current than ever, but which offers the public a fun, content-rich and challenging experience. So let's start by reading the review, since we must never make the President wait, ever!

Tropico 6 takes up the well-established style of the saga, but introduces multiple improvements and innovations that certainly give the impression of having a title that is anything but backward in front of it, despite maintaining a classic mold. But let's start with the presentation: for those unfamiliar with the saga, Tropico is a management city-building, but with various "differences" compared to its colleagues in the genre. If in SimCity we will impersonate the mayor of a new town, in the title we are dealing with today we will instead impersonate El Presidente, a particular apparently immortal figure whose sole purpose is to remain in office, using every means to make his island prosper. This will initially start out as an Allied colony and then it will be up to us to declare independence, then proceed through the World Wars and the Cold War, thriving until the Contemporary Era. The peculiarity of the game lies precisely in the means we have available to do prosper our little nation and make us re-elect for almost a century ...

Tropico 6 considers the black and white of politics: in fact, to obtain citizen consent and win the elections, it will not be enough to satisfy the numerous "factions" that populate the island (often in conflict with each other, such as Capitalists and Communists), worrying about the needs of often conflicting ideologies between their; external help and some under-the-table magic will in fact be mandatory unless the welfare of our state is very high. And as happens in reality, the use of "otherwise legal" ways can almost never be one-off, but it becomes a continuation of necessity. For example, if we make an agreement with the Army to intensify controls and then repeatedly fail to comply with the demands of the star-studded commanders, there will be the likelihood of a coup d'état from which it will be very difficult to defend oneself.

Speaking from the management point of view, the first thing we will do at the beginning of each game is the signing of a constitution, within which we can insert articles for each category (freedom, propaganda, housing, taxes, trade etc ...) that will determine ours government style: the search for the support of specific factions or being as “friendly” as possible towards everyone guarantees the same level of challenge, it will only change the way in which we will have to manage them. If we choose to favor the rich it is natural that discontent among the poor can grow and with it the risk that some of them will enter the groups of rebels who want to spread chaos and disorder on our island: our ability will therefore be in knowing how to tame all the situations, choosing which parties to favor but without inciting the members of rival groups to take actions that could cause damage. What if these were more stubborn than expected? Well, democracy here comes to meet us, and we will discover one of the peculiarities that make the gameplay of Tropico 6 one of the most absurd from the point of view of micro-mechanics like that: in our game we can literally check every person on the island, of which we will be able to know "public" and general information, such as income, employment, social status and so on. It could be that for "public order needs" it is necessary to investigate in more detail on some subject and ... BAM! It turns out he is one of those who foment the rebels! What to do then? The solutions are many and each will have different effects: as a typical regime there is forced imprisonment, or the design of a "random accident" ... but they do not end there, since there are alternative methods, such as doing a favor to the faction in question to calm the waters, pass a few bribes or, why not, make the person in question pass for mad and intern him in an asylum. Of course it is understood that an approach of a certain type will influence the evolution of the story in a different way from another.

In addition to sand-box mode, Tropico 6 like the previous chapters has a mode Missions. These will require us to perform certain tasks or achieve specific goals. The missions are particularly accurate and it is good to play them after the tutorial, which turns out to be fun and makes us understand the intrinsic mechanics of the title little by little. Explaining in detail all the possibilities that Tropico 6 offers us would be like wanting to make an encyclopedia on the Divine Comedy, but even just listing all the features in the game is quite difficult. In summary, we can therefore say that the latest El Presidente title takes the best from all those old-fashioned management systems that were successful almost two decades ago and re-proposes them in a modern, complete and truly affordable title for everyone, both those looking for the challenge. than the more casual player.

In Tropico 6 it will be possible to find many features known within other games that have made them their workhorse. The division into factions is very reminiscent of Civilization, the trading system the good old Patrician, the building system of Sim City… it's not copying, but learning. When you recognize that "someone does something better than you" you shouldn't blow the idea away from him, but study it in order to develop a personal one that is much better. Indeed Tropico in no way does the copy-paste that you can imagine, but takes some characteristics by reinterpreting them in a personal way and above all adapting them to what is the spirit of the game. This shows above all the care that has been taken in making the title and the fact that it is easily accessible to almost everyone only frames the job well done. Last, but not least, it is a compliment to the dubbing of the game, in particular the Spanish one which is most likely the best of all, perfectly interpreting the characters with tones that are halfway between comedy and Latin American crime; all this goes very well with the goliardic style of the game, which puts before our eyes a great challenge disguised under the guise of cartoonish and colorful graphics. With this we greet you, and we remind you that freedom is only an illusion: Long live the President!

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