Tropico 5 is the free game on December 23 on the Epic Games Store

For just 24 hours, starting from 17.00 today (December 23) e until 16.59 on 24 December, among the pages of the catalog ofEpic Games Store you can make yours, in a completely way free, the management Tropico 5. The title was developed by Haemimont Games e Kalypso Media Group in 2014 for Windows PC, macOS and Linux systems, to then see the light also on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Tropico 5 belongs to the genre of management and strategic simulations where the players are asked to manage (in fact) an island, having the right to choose whether to behave as affable leaders or as violent dictators. The plot of the title traces the history of the Republic of Bananas of Tropico, from the '700 to the contemporary age, historical period observed from the point of view of the dynasty that governs it. It all began in the colonial settlement around the end of the XNUMXth century, as a possession of a European nation called "The crown". To be appointed Governor is the founder of the presidential dynasty. The Governor will eventually accept the help of a mysterious secret society known as "Order”To try to obtain independence from the Crown as soon as possible.

Return to the remote island of Tropico in the new episode of the critically acclaimed and adored “dictator simulator”. Extend your house's rule from the early colonial period to the 21st century and beyond by facing a new set of challenges, mastering advanced business dynamics, discovering new scientific advances and technologies, and exploring the game world. And, for the first time in Tropico history, enjoy cooperative and competitive multiplayer, with matches up to 4 players!

Among the contents present, a advanced trading system and merchant fleets, the opportunity to explore their own island in search of precious minerals, among the ruins of ancient and mysterious civilizations, And a renewed graphic sector. For further details and for redeem Tropico 5 for free take a look at the official game card on the Epic Games Store. Tropico 5 is just the latest of the free games that have formed a first part of the wave of offers planned by the Epic Games Store these days (one free game per day until December 31st). We've already got to redeem titles like The Long Dark, Metro 2033 Redux e Alien: isolation.

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