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    Trophy / Objective Guide "Is there anything you can't do?"

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    Trials Fusion - Track challenges guide


    Tough stuff, for people with tough bones.

    Trophy / Objective Guide "Is there anything you can't do?"

    By completing all the challenges of the Trials fusion tracks we will unlock 4 achievements / trophies:

    Complete treatment - Complete all 3 Track Challenges on any track

    Unyielding III - Complete the "Unyielding" Track Challenges in the first 8 events

    The whole handcuff III - Complete "Full Throttle" Track Challenges in the first 8 events 

    Is there anything you can't do? - Complete all Track Challenges in the first 8 events

    There are 3 challenges in each track / event and below you will find the list of tracks with the link to a video that shows how to complete all 3 challenges present in the same.


    Turbine Tower (3 sfide)
    (Slick Flipping,Nice and Calm,Unyielding) -Greenhorns Grove
    Waterworks (3 sfide)
    (Full Throttle,Greenhouse Effect,Endo Guru) - Greenhorns
    Observatory (3 challenges)
    (Proficient Flipping, Wormholin, 1-Up) - Greenhorns Grove
    Cliffhanger (3 challenges)
    (Is it a Plane, Secret Agent,Unyielding 2) - Greenhorns Grove
    Ski or Ride (3 sfide)
    (Exhibitionist, Wet Paint, Do. Not. Touch) - Artic Open
    Shivering Isles (3 sfide)
    (Making Waves, Fragile Be Careful, Path to Enlightenment)
    Peak Performance (3 sfide)
    (Purgatory Tower,First-Rate Flipping,Demolitions Side Job)
    Fusion Factory (3 sfide)
    (Dizzier Heights, Coasterphobia, Welcome to Warp Zone 1!)
    Skyscraper Showdown (3 challenges)
    (Marvelous Flipping,Full Throttle,Goal-Line Technology)
    Tropic Storm (3 challenges)
    (Full Throttle 3, Shocking!,Baggie-Wash) - Rainforest Rumble
    Park and Ride (3 sfide)
    (Exceptional Flipping, Bring Out the Blimp!,Game.Set.Match)
    Blimp My Ride (3 sfide)
    (Fan Mail, Prep the Artillery, No Place to Hide)
    Road to Ruin (3 sfide)
    (Poser of the Lost Ark,Playmaker,Ancient Squirrels Crossing)
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