Trophy Guide / "Valiant" Objective

How to get the maximum weekly Vanguard Score in Destiny [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


Here's how to earn avant-garde brands to reach the weekly maximum score.

Trophy Guide / "Valiant" Objective

In a previous guide we have already seen how to earn avant-garde brands by playing solo. To get to the maximum score which can be obtained in a week (or 100), however, you will necessarily have to use the assaults to earn as many marks as possible. Remember that in Destiny you will start earning Vanguard Marks after reaching level 18.

Here are the detailed missions that will earn you avant-garde brands:

Assault Playlist
Assault Level 20, reward +2 Vanguard marks
Assault Level 22, reward +3 Vanguard marks
Assault Level 24, reward +6 Vanguard marks

Weekly Heroic Assault
Assault Level 22, reward +3 Vanguard marks
Assault Level 26, reward +6 Vanguard marks
Assault Level 28, reward +10 Vanguard marks

Public Events +4 Vanguard brands to complete, +2 Vanguard brands to be the first daily.

Convert 50 materials +5 Avant-garde brands
Note: except in exceptional cases, it is not recommended to convert materials as they are very useful for upgrading exotic and legendary weapons)

One of the fastest ways is to use the assault (playlist) at level 24 which is completed in less than half an hour, combining it with the weekly heroic assault and public events. Check out the Destiny cheats and guides tab for many other useful guides on this game.

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