Trophy Guide / Objective "An Unattended Treasure"

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Lords of the Fallen Treasure Hall Portals Guide [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's see how to find the secret portals of Lords of the Fallen: let's start with the treasure rooms

Trophy Guide / Objective "An Unattended Treasure"

In Lords of the Fallen you will happen to notice strange vertical formations of floating objects that mark the dimensional portals. The problem is that these portals will only unlock after you have completed particular objectives and therefore, only at that point, you can return to the portal to cross it and find out what is hiding on the other side.

In the game there are a total of 10 dimensional portals, Of these 3 lead to the treasury rooms and they are the ones that we will cover in this guide (for the others consult the tricks and guides tab of Lords of the Fallen).

Here's where they are and how to unlock the treasure room portals. Once you gain access, you can loot the rewards inside them.

Treasure room # 1: the first portal leading to a treasure room is found in the tutorial and unlocks after you kill the first boss (First Warden). For more details, follow the hidden secrets guide in the Lords of the fallen tutorial or watch this video

Treasure room # 2: this portal will unlock after you kill the Infiltrator. After defeating him, go back to where the last checkpoint was saved before you get to this boss, the portal is in that area. Watch the video below

Treasure room # 3: the portal to the third and final treasure room will unlock after you kill the Annihilator. The portal is located in the room adjacent to the boss room by going down the stairs, on the opposite side from the checkpoint. Watch the video

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