Trophy Guide / "Liberator" Objective

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Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor Rescue Mission Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's see how to complete some of the challenges of Shadow of Mordor: the Forsaken rescue missions.

Trophy Guide / "Liberator" Objective

Middle-earth the Shadow of Mordor contains different types of challenges, among them are the Forsaken rescue missions which are 24 in total and require you to kill the jailers who imprison the Forsaken.

All these missions can be completed in free mode (you can therefore do everything even after completing the game), indeed, some of them you will not be able to complete them until you have reached a certain degree of completion of the story, because they concern Forsaken that appear. only from a certain point on.

Below you will find the list with all the rescue missions to be completed, which will appear on the map with the fist icon. Remember that you can have up to a maximum of 5 active at the same time, so complete the ones you have already started to make new ones appear on the map. Here is the list:


  • Shattered - Southern Black Road
  • Hold Your Tongue - Uruk's Hollow
  • Resistance - Internment Camp
  • Worked to Death - Southern Udun Pass
  • Unleashed - Barrows of Udun
  • Drink up - Durthang Wastes
  • Over the Edge - Barrows of Udun
  • Venom - The Black Gate
  • Borrowed Blades - Durthang Outskirts
  • The Watcher - East Garrison
  • The Uprising - The Black Gate

Sea of Nurnen

  • The Name of Power - Harad Basin
  • Unchained - Nurnen Peninsula
  • The Evil Eye - Cab-Gwanath Bluff
  • The Hunger - Cab-Gwanath Bluff
  • Last Hope - Celon Poros
  • Unbroken - Fern Outskirts
  • The Stand - Harad Basin
  • In the Flesh - Cab-Gwanath Bluff
  • Nowhere to Hide - Cab-Gwanath Bluff
  • Light in the Darkness - Ethir Poros
  • Weapons of War - Nurnen Peninsula
  • To Freedom - Fort Morn

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