Trophy Guide / "Highly Decorated" Objective

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How to get all Sniper Elite 3 Multiplayer Rosettes [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Here are all the rosettes from Sniper Elite 3's multiplayer mode, and an easy easy way to get them all.

Trophy Guide / "Highly Decorated" Objective

To unlock this achievement it is necessary to obtain the 18 rosettes that are unlocked by completing particular tasks playing in online multiplayer. Here are the challenges, remember that the challenges are not cumulative, so for each you must achieve what is required in a single game:

  • Kill 5 enemies using the scope of a shotgun
  • Kill 3 enemies with traps
  • Take 3 hits to the testicles
  • Kill an enemy by shooting the TNT or a mine
  • Kill 3 enemies from over 150m
  • Make a match victory shot
  • Kill 5 enemies with a semi-auto shotgun
  • Get 3 assists by tagging enemies
  • Kill 5 enemies without ever dying
  • Kill 3 enemies with grenades
  • Kill an enemy with their sights on while running
  • Kill 7 enemies with SMG or pistol
  • complete a game without dying
  • Kill 5 enemies with out of breath
  • Take the longest shot in a match
  • Make 5 head shots
  • Kill 5 enemies with a bolt action sniper rifle
  • Perform 3 consecutive kill streaks without dying

These are therefore the challenges to be completed to get all the rosettes. If you are missing any and you need a little help, I remind you that all of them can be easily obtained by playing a private game with friends who will want to be targets.

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