Trophy Guide / "Bruises" Goal

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Batman Arkham Knight: Guide to ALL Predator KOs [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Here are all the deadliest moves of the Dark Knight.

Trophy Guide / "Bruises" Goal

In Batman Arkham Knight ci sono 22 different Predator KO moves. It is possible to perform them both in the course of the story and in the predator challenges, they will be equally counted towards the result. Remember that for two moves you need to buy one upgrade chiamato "Gräppel Takedown", all the others can be done right from the start also in the tutorial "Predator Fundamentals".

As already mentioned you can perform the moves in the story, but if you prefer to do it in the predator challenges always remember to access the challenges through the icon in the story mode (so NOT from the main menu). If, on the other hand, you access directly from the challenges menu, you should know that it is also likely that, due to a bug in the game, the progress made in this way will not be saved.

If you're looking to unlock the "Bruises" achievement / trophy It is highly advisable to do everything in the "Predator Fundamentals" training mission (unlocks automatically shortly after the game starts). In fact, in this tutorial it is possible to perform all predator KOs except for the "takedown from the ceiling" that can be done in the "Wreck-It" predator challenge (the latter is unlocked by completing the secondary mission "Two-Faced Bandit").

In the video above you can see how to perform all Predator KOs in the tutorial. Enemies here have random spawn points, so use your speech synthesizer to lure them to a location of your choice. This isn't necessary to unlock the trophy, but it's certainly a useful tool.

Below is the list of ALL Predator KOs, as shown in the video.

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