Trophy / achievement guide "Why do they suddenly appear ...?"

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15 modi per uccidere Abe in Oddworld New 'N' Tasty [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


In Oddworld the repeated death of Abe and his unfortunate brothers Mudokon plays a prominent role. There are 15 different ways to send the protagonist of Oddworld New n tasty to the other world, let's see what they are.

Trophy / achievement guide "Why do they suddenly appear ...?"

In all likelihood you will unlock it unwittingly, because the opportunities to truly die are never lacking. To avoid missing any of them, here is a handy list to keep track of.

  • Vertical electric saw
  • Meat grinder (you will have to skip them in the first chapter)
  • Electric gate
  • Shot by Slig
  • Grenade (kill yourself with your own grenade)
  • Fall into a ditch / ravine / trap
  • Mine
  • Convertible mine
  • Floating mine
  • Mina with timer
  • Rockfall
  • Fall of meat
  • Rocking boulders (in the Paramonian Temple)
  • Eaten by Slogs (in Stockyards)
  • Eaten by Scrabs (in Stockyards)
  • Eaten by Paramite (in Paramonian Temple)
  • Killed by Bats (in Stockyards)
  • Killed by bees (in Monsaic Lines)

These are the 15 ways you have to kill Abe to unlock the achievement. For other useful guides on this game, such as the guide to unlock all the other trophies, don't forget to consult the Oddworld new 'n' tasty cheats and guides tab.

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