Tron Evolution Trophies [PS3]

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Tron Evolution Trophies [PS3]


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Tron Evolution



Ah, now I understand!
You found all the Abraxas fragments.
Boom, boom, boom!
Dispel 200 enemies aboard the light tank.
We did it ... for now!
Ride a total of 15.000 kilocycles aboard Moto-Cycles and / or light tanks.
What a race!
Dispel 100 enemies aboard the Bike-Cycle.
What kind of program is it?
Raise your level for the first time.
I'm getting a taste for it ...
Win an online game in Conquer Nodes mode in the Game Network.
Faccia a faccia
Dissolve 100 enemies in hand-to-hand combat.
Maybe it will do something ...
Conquer an Energy Node or a Chariot Node in the Game Network.
Look what I found!
Find a Tron file.
Enjoy the defeat
Dispel 25 enemies with the Assimilator Disc.
The secret is in the wrists
Dispel 500 enemies with your ID disc.
Dispel 10 enemies before dying.
I do so!
Get your character to level 10.
They haven't even noticed
Dispel 50 enemies with the Upgraded Disc.
Faster than you
Dispel 25 enemies with the Inhibition Disc.
I can go on all day
Get a 15x multiplier.
Network beginner games
Play a game on the Game Network.
This is just the beginning!
Win an online match in Deathmatch mode on the Games Network.
Get a 5x multiplier.
Level Up (Game Network)
Level up on the Games Network.
Advanced System Monitor
Get your character to level 20.
Heel, heel ... BOOOM!
Dispel 50 enemies with the Explosive Disc.
Come back soon!
Purchase all updates.
Hurray for us!
Win an online match in Team Deathmatch on the Games Network.
Lover of modules
Purchase all disc modules.
Tron enthusiast
Find all the Tron files in the game.
Unstoppable program
Get the highest multiplier available.
Compulsive-digital shopping
Purchase all character upgrades.
Yes, that's how it's done!
Get your character to level 30.
Games Network Strategist
Purchase all expansions.
I want more!
Get your character to level 40.
To me the real power! *
Get your character to level 50.
Advanced user
Complete the game on Aberrant difficulty without changing any settings.
Collect all trophies.

{slide = Secret Trophies (click to view)}
Complete the third chapter.
End of message
Complete the game on a difficulty setting of your choice.
Compete on the Net
Complete the fourth chapter.
Complete the fifth chapter.
Complete the second chapter.
Complete the first chapter.
Hello, program!
Complete the tutorial.
Approach strategy
Complete the sixth chapter.



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