Troggoth Slayer, new mode only for Age of Sigmar

La Games Workshop releases Troggoth Slayer, a new scenario for Age of Sigmar designed for single player play. Written directly by the team that takes care of the rules of the game systems of the English house, this scenario can be downloaded for free from the warhammer-community website and includes a mini campaign system to be played alone during this quarantine period caused by COVID-19.

The purpose of the Troggoth Slayer scenario is precisely to complete a mission divided into three clashes in which the group killing of Troggoth and their king is required, who threaten constant raids and massacres in the neighboring towns.

A way to involve the family

Although the rules are designed in such a way that someone can play alone through the campaign system, it will be possible to divide the control of your army among several players, offering a co-operative approach suitable for offering fun and entertainment to multiple players.

What if you don't have any Troggoths?

This campaign aims to face a fearsome Troggoth gang, but if you do not have these models in your collection it will be possible to replace them with other Troggoth models even from past editions as long as they are equipped with the correct bases, information that will be included inside the regulation.

If, on the other hand, you do not have any similar model, suitable to lend itself to this scenario, it will be possible to modify the rules as desired using any range of models from your collection. It will in fact be possible to adapt the campaign to make the player fight with a different enemy, such as an Abhorrant Ghoul King and his legions of Crypt Horrors, models much more popular among Age of Sigmar players.

We remind you that the booklet with the rules can be downloaded for free from the Warhammer-Community website, and given the popularity that this initiative is having in the international Warhammer community, it is believed that it will soon be followed by other scenarios for all other game systems!

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