Triple Frontier - Review of the film produced by Netflix and directed by JC Chandor

After a short stay in cinemas it is now ready to land on Netflix "Triple Frontier“, An action movie directed by the director and screenwriter JC Chandor (1981: New York Investigation, Margin Call). Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hunnam e Garrett Hedlund they will play the role of five former members of the special departments of the American armed forces who are made a proposal that could change their lives forever, that is to put together the old team for one last mission: to get rid of the lord once and for all. of drugs Lorea and appropriating the wealth that the drug trafficker has accumulated over the years, a $ 75 million booty.



The story takes place in the "triple border" or a border area between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina where there is a place where organized crime carries out illegal activities such as drug trafficking and money laundering. Santiago Garcia said "Pope" (interpreted by Oscar Isaac) is a soldier who works for a private company that deals with combating drug trafficking in Colombia. One day Santiago runs into a young girl named Yovanna (played by Adria Arjona) who tries to get out of the country with her brother, but without the help of the military it is not possible. The girl reveals that she is an undercover informant and in exchange for the requested help she is willing to provide him with the information necessary to find the place where Lorea, the drug lord, is hiding. It seems that the Boss's hideout is located in a wild area of ​​Colombia largely hidden by the jungle and that he is escorted day and night by his personal army. The man discovers that the criminal, thanks to his numerous criminal activities, over the years has managed to accumulate a real fortune, a real treasure of over 75 million dollars. Pope, on the strength of this news, returns to America to find some of his old comrades in arms to put the old team back together and try to steal all his wealth from the drug lord. The team is made up of five elements: Tom Davis (played by Ben Affleck), William Miller (played by Charlie Hunnam), the MMA fighter Ben Miller (interpreted by Garrett Hedlund) and pilot Francisco Morales (played by Pedro Pascal). The ex-soldiers, if not with some reservations, decide to accept the proposal made by their ex-partner and with the help of Yovanna, infiltrated in the stronghold of Lorea, they organize the coup down to the smallest detail. But once in Colombia, the team will understand the hard way that this mission is tougher than expected.

The film is mainly divided into two acts: the first is mainly focused on the formation of the team and the consequent raid in the stronghold of Lorea, while the second act sees the team of mercenaries facing all sorts of dangers in the escape towards their own country, where the growing tension and the feeling of always being under attack will put a strain on the temper of the mercenaries.

A dynamic and surprising team

Director JC Chandor does a great job behind the camera and tells us a story full of action and tension highlighting what are the typical elements of the genre such as loyalty, brotherhood, honor and respect that contrast with greed and cruelty typical of drug traffickers. A big recognition, however, must be given to the team made up of the five protagonists of the film who seem to have always worked together, a synergy from which the film benefits greatly. Furthermore Ben Affleck e Oscar Isaac, thanks to their interpretation, they stand out above all doing justice to the two most charismatic characters of the group.

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