Trick to save penalties in FIFA 13

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FIFA 13 - How to save penalties


In FIFA 13, as in previous FIFAs, as in Pro Evolution and as in the real football devil, parrying penalties is not at all easy. Today, however, I propose a video that could change things.

Attention dear friends. For FIFA 13 we have many other interesting guides: how to take penalties and free kicks, or how to perform all the celebrations. You can find them all in the FIFA 13 tab.

Trick to save penalties in FIFA 13

Let's assume that it is not the 100% definitive method and it may seem like the discovery of hot water, but give it a chance and try it. Personally I tried in the arena and I saved two in the first 3 penalties, it must have been luck, but the last memory of having saved it in 2010, so take a little bit of yourself.

Therefore. To reject or even block a penalty in FIFA 13 proceed as follows:

- first of all remember to be absolutely still and do not touch any buttons. The only thing you will have to do is press the Right analog stick in one of the 3 directions: UP, LEFT or RIGHT.

- you will have to press the lever when the player kicks the ball, a firm touch without hesitating. This you must always do, even if you decide to throw yourself at random. In the video, however, another thing is explained.

Before shooting, the player assumes a different posture depending on whether he is shooting left, right or in the center. By memorizing the posture and having the reflexes ready to react accordingly and press the lever in the right direction you will have more chances to intercept the penalties.

I know, it seems bullshit, I thought it too, but try it and judge only after having done a little practice.

Here is the video

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