Trials Evolution - Collectible Squirrels Guide [unlocks Squirrels have eyes]

Trials Evolution - Collectible Squirrels Guide [unlocks Squirrels have eyes]


If you are also trying the incredible Trials Evolution you are probably already trying to find all the squirrels hidden among the various tracks of the game.

The squirrels to collect are 20 in total, some you will get them simply by completing a track but for others it will not be so easy and you will have to perform special actions to unlock the squirrel.

Finding them all will unlock the result

Squirrels have eyes ... - Find all the squirrels hidden in the secret corners of the world.


The following video shows what to do to unlock them all. Immediately after the video you will find the minute of the video for each squirrel where you can see how to find it with any additional advice.

  • [00.11] License D: complete and wait until it pops up.
  • [00.55] Titan Graveyard: as shown in the video.
  • [02.02] Harbor Havok: as shown in the video.
  • [02.29] Power Plant: As shown in the video, at the specified point, reverse until you fall into the water.
  • [03.20] Cliff Jumper: as shown in the video
  • [03.41] Strike: as shown in the video
  • [04.23] Rock Steady: Hit the barrels at the end and wait until it pops out.
  • [05.50] Around The Ranch: At the final jump, take the lower ramp and go back as soon as you hit the ground.
  • [06.45] Sunset Stripped: At the very beginning go back until a rocket goes off. keep going without ever falling, when you get to the roof you fall into the open container.
  • [07.35] Sewage Plant: as shown in the video
  • [08.20] Physics Factory: as shown in the video
  • [08.58] Meltdown: At first go back until you hit the fire, then finish without dying.
  • [10.05] Archipelago: you will have to do 5 back flips or front flips without ever falling during the race.
  • [10.50] Suspense: as shown in the video
  • [11.49] Lab Rat: As shown in the video at the 6th checkpoint in the pool press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, X, A, X
  • [12.43] Under Construction: as shown in the video
  • [13.54] Mind Bender: As shown in the video, enter the water cube at maximum speed. Halfway through, launch off the bike while holding Right. When you are in the air you will be pushed to the other side.
  • [14.50] RedLynx Moto-Jam: When you get to the first pile of logs, move forward until you see a rocket, then go back.
  • [15.20] Bridge Of Trials: as shown in the video, launch from the bike and then press the Y button to grab onto the trapeze.
  • [16.06] Swamp Fever: launch yourself from the bike at the point shown in the video
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