Transformers: Battlegrounds - Preview, Autobot and Decepticon are back

In the end it all comes down to the AllSpark: Autobot and Decepticon can't help but fight for the possession of this artifact, capable of changing the fate of many worlds, including the Earth. Obviously these wars are devastating, and require a well-structured command: for this Transformers: Battlegrounds he will put you at the helm of the Autobots to defeat, once and for all, the evil Decepticons led by Megatron.

The game, which we were able to try in an online session with the developers, stands as a turn-based tactician based on a map divided into squares: the locations range from various cities of the Earth to Cybertron, and offer a very useful setting in tactical terms. In the game we will therefore find ourselves facing, through various levels, the various Decepticons, having to take advantage of the right Autobots, the right moves and the right portions of the map.


In the various maps that we have tried of the game, the thing that immediately catches the eye is the transition from more action-based titles to a really very tactical game: taking up a lot of dynamics from titles like Fire Emblem and Mario + Rabbids, in Transformers: Battlegrounds we will have to start from the beginning thinking about the clash. In fact, each fight will make us prepare a team, and each character will have his powers, his moves, the values ​​of statistics and a special move. Some will focus on hand-to-hand combat, others will be able to use ranged weapons, others will focus on their action points to be able to move more. Every single move made to your Autobots will be an order given by you, in command of the fight, to your chosen robots.

During the test we have seen how Bumblebee is very versatile, against other autobots dedicated to melee, or even one of them who managed through a special blow to hit everything that stood in front of him (enemies, objects and so on). This, for example, was very useful when two Decepticon they gathered in an area under fire, while it was futile against widely spaced enemies: in that case it was better to use our Autobot Dinosaur, able to take a few steps but endowed with a terrible and damaging blow of the tail.

Advancing in the course of the game, in those maps that we have tried, you can immediately see how the title guides the player the first few times, while in the latest maps it leaves a lot of space for the user, allowing him to take advantage of any tactic he likes.

Not just single

The game features a mode local co-op: We haven't had a chance to try it, but it's easy to think how it will fit into the game. Unfortunately, being cooperative, it immediately makes us discard the idea of ​​being able to have a great Autobot vs Decepticon battle with a friend of ours, but nothing prevents the developers from implementing this feature later on.

The game is a must for those who love titles dedicated to Transformers: then abandoning the action formula in favor of a tactician puts much more emphasis on the differences between the various Autobots, which in cartoons and comics, as well as in films, is fully exploited showing how each has its own peculiarities and its specializations. It obviously remains a game designed for fans, but if you are looking for a multi-faceted tactician with colorful cartoon graphics, then keep an eye on this game, it might be for you.

Transformers: Battlegrounds will be released on October 23, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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Transformers: Battlegrounds - Review, the return of Hasbro robots ❯
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