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    Assassin's Creed Unity Training Missions Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


    A little insight into some of the Assassin's Creed Unity side quests.

    Training mission guide

    Training missions can be tackled by entering the first door on the right immediately after climbing the stairs of the Café Theater. These missions are 21 in total and will help you master Arno's skills. These are very simple and fast missions but remember that, for some of these, you will first have to unlock particular skills otherwise you will not be able to complete them.

    Below is a list of all training missions and any skills required to complete them. In this regard, I also recommend reading the guide to Sync points to unlock all the skills of the character.

    1. Staggering Strike | requirements: buy the Staggering Strike skill
    2. Ground Execution | requirements: buy the Ground Execution skill
    3. Strong Attack | requirements: buy the One-Handed Weapons Master skill
    4. Heavy Weapon | no requirement
    5. Heavy Weapons Master | requirements: buy the Heavy Weapon Master skill
    6. Long Weapon | no requirement
    7. Long Weapon Master | requirements: buy the Long Weapon Master skill
    8. Ranged Weapons | requirements: buy the Ranged Weapon skill
    9. Bomb Throwing | nessun requisito
    10. Roll Recovery | requirements: buy the Roll Recovery skill
    11. Fast Slide | no requirement
    12. Double Assassination | requirements: Purchase the Double Assassination skill
    13. Air Assassination | no requirement
    14. Double Air Assassination | requirements: Purchase the Double Air Assassination skill
    15. Cover Assassination | no requirement
    16. Ledge Assassination | no requirement
    17. Disguise | requirements: buy the Disguise skill
    18. Lockpick | Requirements: Purchase the Apprentice Lockpick skill
    19. Crowd Blend | no requirement
    20. Environmental Blending | requirements: buy the Environmental Blending skill
    21. Assassin Cache | requirements: buy the Assassin Cache skill
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