Trackmania: the release date has been officially postponed

Ubisoft has announced a new release date for Trackmania, the remake of the fourth game in the TrackMania Nations series, released more than a decade ago. The game is now scheduled for July 1st on PC via the platform Uplay ed Epic Games Store. On the other hand, Ubisoft has released a new very short gameplay trailer, in which game sequences are basically shown. Originally scheduled for release on May 5, the game has been postponed for almost two months: according to the French company there is a need to improve some aspects, including the racing experience, the creation and sharing of new tools. and the competitive system. The Trackmania ZrT Cup had already been postponed due to the Coronavirus, this pandemic has forced the adoption of smartworking for all Ubisoft teams, who are now working from home. As a result, it is quite understandable that they need a little more time.

The game is seen as a new beginning for the franchise: symbolically the M in the middle of the name by Trackmania it is no longer capitalized. There will be new live content for the game, improved progression, new blocks for the crafting tools, and of course, more updated graphics. The game will also have a seasonal campaign with daily tracks to run on. The last game in the series was Trackmania Turbo, officially released in 2016.

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