Tower of time: unveiled the release date on PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One

Tower of Time is an exploration and combat video game by Digest (Indie videogame house) released for PC in October 2018, which had a great success with audiences and critics and has been defined as one of the most surprising games of recent times, although certainly not too original. The Digerati production house, together with Event Horizon, have just announced that after two years the video game will land on Sony PlayStation 4 consoles on June 23 in the United States and June 24 in Europe. As if that weren't enough, June 25 will come up Nintendo Switch and the following day, finally, on Xbox One. Compared to the original version for PC, the game has some improvements, especially as regards the control system, renewed and adapted to the respective pads of the consoles.

Tower of Time is an adventure ready to land in the homes of many gamers, made up of numerous battlefields that are at different levels, where a group of heroes will have to be guided through mysteries and battles against increasingly strong and numerous enemies. Fights rich in a notable tactical component thanks also to the possibility of intervening by slowing down or stopping time. It will thus be possible to apply or adapt one's strategy also thanks to the use of spells, which will not miss the fantasy ingredient in the medieval world in which the game is set.

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