Torchlight II is the free game on December 30th on the Epic Games Store

Torchlight II, videogame belonging to the genre of hack 'n' slash with isometric view, it is offered today for free between the pages of the catalog ofEpic Games Store. The title can be redeemed from 17.00 on 30 December until 16.59 on 31 December (at 17.00 pm tomorrow the fifteenth and last free game of the offers related to the Christmas holidays 2020 will be offered, at no cost). The game can be added to your library from the official card between the web pages of the Epic Games Store or via official desktop software (which you can download by clicking here).

Torchlight II, developed by Perfect World Entertainment, Presents a world full of enemies to take down, one after another, to go hunting for booties in randomly generated levels. The second chapter expands the gameplay experience offered by the first Torchlight, offering new features, such as the multiplayer mode online or via LAN. Players can choose between four different classes, each of which guarantees a great variety of play styles. Each class can be played with both the male and female variant, with customized appearance and aesthetic contents, to show you to the world in the best possible way, according to your tastes.

Cooperative mode online, or via LAN, is offered free of charge by the developers and allows players to connect and play with (or against) people from all corners of the world. Torchlight II offers a vast world, from the vastness of the overworld to the multiple central towns of Vilderan. The adventures will be made even more varied thanks to a system of dynamic weather, able to alternate clear weather with rain and heavy snow, in one dynamic day and night cycle. The randomization of the levels guarantees always different paths, loot and adventures with each new game. Torchlight II also offers the possibility to use the internal editor ("GUTS") to create and share your creations with the whole world, as well as the ability to face every adventure in New Game +: once the main adventure is completed, in fact, it will be possible to start over with the same character but at a much higher level of challenge, maintaining all the skills, equipment and the amount of gold collected in the previous missions.

Torchlight II is the penultimate game in the wave of fifteen free titles offered (one per day, for 24 hours) from the Epic Games Store. The leak leaked in recent days relating to the entire list of games offered by the Store turned out to be correct, so with a good level of certainty we can say that tomorrow, December 31, the last game to be offered for free will be Jurassic World Evolution. In recent days, the luckiest and most attentive among you have been able to redeem, without spending a single euro, titles of the caliber of My Time at Portia, Darkest Dungeon e Alien: isolation.

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