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We leave you in this article the best Android application to download music. Even after the death of the headphone jack, smartphones remain one of the primary tools for users to listen to music.

Streaming platforms like Spotify have completely changed the music industry, even if there is life beyond these kinds of services. If we want to download songs from these platforms, we need to subscribe to the paid versions, as we have already seen in the case of downloading music from Spotify.

For this reason, we will show you some applications and websites that you can from download free music to your mobile legally. When we have to download music for free it implies doing it from applications and pages where independent artists decide to publish their songs for free. Mainstream music is copyrighted and cannot be legally downloaded.

TOP android app to download music

1. Jamendo

Jamendo is one of the most popular services when it comes to downloading free music to our Android phone. The app surpasses half a million downloads and was last updated in the summer of last year. It works quite well and in a nutshell it's kind of Spotify royalty-free music. Jamendo is the Spotify of free music. It has a great interface and allows you to download a huge library of unlicensed songs

We are able to search for music from different genres and artists, as well as listen to pre-created playlists or create our own. To download the songs we have a dedicated button for that, then the process couldn't be simpler. This is the only application we can use on Android to download copyright-free music. This is the best android application to download music to our mobile phones.

2. Android application to download music, the best, 4shared Music

It's more of an Android app for downloading music, because it allows you to access all types of files. But in this case the utility is the search and download of music files, which are available thanks to user uploads, with which you can find all kinds of songs, but it is much more common to find songs that have not been released shortly time compared to old songs, because over time they get deleted, you know for copyright reasons.

Among the possibilities offered by this application, there is the possibility to search for music and listen to them directly through streaming, without downloading. Although you can download them if you want and even create a playlist with the songs you were looking for and then download all the songs together. As an additional option, you have the function of uploading music you have on your device, so if there is a song that is not available you can help others find it by uploading it. This app is free and you can download it from the Play Store.

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3. Music Garden

It is a good app for downloading free music from Android, like the others it has a very simple interface, simply by pressing the search icon you can write the name of the song, artist or genre and see if it is available and listen to it directly or download it.

Another feature of this app is the engine song lyrics search, with which you can search for the lyrics of your songs. As you will see it is very complete and you can download it for free in the PlayStore, the only thing to note is that is in English and contains advertisements.

4. Tinytunes

This is a good program for downloading music, which has a simple interface, you don't need to do anything else than press the search button at the top to access a bar and search for the desired songs. You can search by artist, song name or even genre, among other options.

The good thing about Tinytunes is that has a good database of songs, so you won't have a problem finding the songs you want, which you can download and listen to directly from the app, as it has a built-in player. For those who like to make ringtones, this app has a feature for cut music tracks to create ringtones which you can use for calls or whatever you want.

5. Music Maniac

Another Android application for downloading music; It is always good to have many of these apps to have different sources for the songs. In this case, it is an app that has a lot of songs and the cool thing is that you can listen to a preview before downloading them, to find out if that's what you're looking for, because it happens often, especially in downloads. free, that the files have wrong names, so the utility of being able to listen to a preview.

It is a free app that is not found in the PlayStore, but you can get it for free. Among the options you have the possibility to work the songs to put them as ringtone, messages, etc.

6. Android application to download music, the forbidden, Mp3 Music Downloader

The best thing about this free music downloader is the simplicity of the interface, contains only three tabs for search, view downloads and the built-in player, making it easy for anyone to install and download music of all kinds. You can download the app by searching on Google, for obvious reasons, I don't think it's legal in many countries.

7. Audionautix

Audionautix is ​​one of the most comprehensive services for finding royalty-free songs. It has a huge filter for genres and allows you to download songs to mp3 directly from the browser. These files are saved in our download folder and we can play them from the phone without any problem.

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8. Musopen

Musopen is another well known service, mainly focused on classical music. From here, we can download some of the great classics, open to the public domain. As with Audionautic, the songs are downloaded directly to the download folder and stored on the mobile phone.

As an added value, in addition to allowing you to download songs in mp3, it allows you to download sheet music in PDF format, so if you are a musician, you can store them on your phone and save them for when you need them. The best android application to download classical music to our mobile phones.

9. Theartistunion

The Artist Union is a music portal where artists upload their songs, many of which are free of copyright. We can both play the song and download it and browse the huge repository of songs uploaded by different composers.

10. Bensound

Bensound is a royalty-free music. It is quite visual and it has many categories that we can search for. Next to the play button we have the download button, so there are not too many complications to find and download content.

11. FMA – Free Music Archive

Another one android application to download free music it is FMA. The mobile adaptation of the popular royalty-free music bank “Free Music Archive” hosts a vast catalog of high quality songs, divided into different categories and genres, to facilitate the search for the perfect songs for every occasion. Thanks to the reader integrated in the application, it is possible listen to the songs before downloading them.

12. Icons8 Music

Although it doesn't have an Android application, Icons8 is one of the best free music download platforms. It has thousands of different songs from artists from all over the world, and as shown on the web, you can download and share or use the downloaded music in any project for free, as long as it is accompanied by a link to the site.

Icons8's music is divided into 20 different genres, and of course it will be possible to listen to each of the songs before downloading them. Once we have decided, we are offered the option to download the MP3 audio file. There's also the option to download the song in WAV format for superior audio quality, however, paying a $ 20 per month fee, it also eliminates the need to accompany music-using projects with a web link.

13. Bensound

This Android music download application was created by Benjamin Tissot, a musician who has been making his own music for more than 10 years and one fine day decided to create a platform where artists from anywhere on the planet can share their works with the rest of the world.

As in Icons8, Bensound's music is categorized by genre, with the option of listen to the songs before downloading them. Another similarity with the previous service is the need for accompany with a link to the web those projects in which It is used any of the sounds downloaded from Bensound.

14. Incompetech

And we close with Incompetech, another royalty-free music repository whose works can be downloaded for free from your phone. In this case, it is a content-centric website that can be used on YouTube channels, radio, podcasts and more. We can download the content for free and use it with a Creative Commons license to give credit, or download it with a license, yes, by paying for it.

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