Tomy announces the armored Mewtwo action figure for the 22nd Pokémon movie

Mewtwo Strikes Back is the 22nd film Pokémon coming July 12, 2019 in Japanese cinemas. Several trailers have already been presented on the film whose purpose is to retell the story of Mewtwo, created in the laboratory and exploited by Team Rocket.

In the new feature film we will be able to see Il Pokémon psycho-type in a robe battleship, an armor to limit and control his enormous powers also present in the first historical film Mewtwo vs Mew, but completely revisited. The Japanese company Takara Tomy, producer of high-quality articles in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, presents to fans the action figure dedicated to Armored Mewtwo.


On the official youtube channel of Takara Tomy was released a Video, that you can find as usual at the top of the article, which shows the action figure in its complete aspect. The figurine will be released on 31 Maggio 2019, but the details of the price are not yet well known.

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