Tomb Raider: The undeveloped remake of the first chapter is now online

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Tomb Raider: Anniversary, published for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 in 2007, it is not the only remake of the first chapter of the saga. Apparently, in fact, a build of this second remake, which is actually the first, is now online and can be downloaded from the site. Named Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition, the project counts the collaboration of the group of Core Design, the original authors of Tomb Raider, who were working on it in 2005 to celebrate 10 years of the saga. The title was supposed to come out before Tomb Raider: Legend, but unfortunately it never arrived in port and was canceled already the following year. The build was originally published by the channel YouTube di Tomb of Ash, who claims to have received the files directly from a former Core Design developer.

However, the downloadable build is one incomplete version of the game, as it lacks interaction with enemies and does not include all the levels it should have presented. It also seems that this version has been modified for the last time after the cancellation of the remake of Tomb Raider: in fact, according to the clues collected by the modder Xproger, it seems that Core Design, before finally abandoning the ship, had thought of transform the Tomb Raider remake into a National Treasure or Indiana Jones based game. The code name of the build was in fact "Indiana Jones", to underline the deep bond of the action-adventure series with the fearless adventurer played by Harrison Ford. Core Design, however, failed to keep the rights to the Tomb Raider series, which ended up in the hands of Eidos Interactive, which, together with Crystal Dynamics, gave away first three chapters for the sixth and seventh generation and then, under the wing of Square Enix, to the new trilogy developed since 2013.

It therefore seems that our Lara, even after many years, still has many secrets to reveal. What do you think of this build? Would you have liked to see it realized?

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